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About us 


Set in the heart of a very small village between Blofield and Brundall is Braydeston a small farm home to Braydeston Beef. It is very much a family run farm with lots constantly going on. We are a year-round Farm that offers locals a taste of our grass fed prime Hereford Beef!


At Braydeston Beef we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love on a part time basis. After being set up in 2006 by Guy, starting out with only 6 cows we now have sustainable grown to house around 40-60 livestock through out the year. 

Ali, Grace and Issy all moved to the farm in 2007 and have loved being apart of growing this small innovative herd. The favourite time of year to all be on the farm is Spring when all of the little calves are being born into the herd.


Due to current climate in our country, on the day of lock down in the UK we had a little calf that we named Boris, our first prime pure bred Hereford Beef bull that we will be keeping and rearing to be our main bull on the farm. Follow his story by clicking below. 


We all want quality food that’s affordable and safe to eat, which is why Braydeston Beef support Red Tractor.


Whatever your budget, the Red Tractor logo is a simple way for you to recognise quality British produce that’s good for you and good for Britain.  Red Tractor make sure that food is traceable, safe and farmed with care – so everyone can feel confident and good about their choices when shopping and eating out.


The Red Tractor is only found on food and drinks that are sourced from UK farms and have been checked from farm to pack.


By looking for the Red Tractor, you are choosing food you can trust, as well as helping to provide support and security for British farmers and food producers.   

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