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-Norfolk Bred Hereford Beef -

Our Story

Bradyeston Beef  is family-owned and operated, growing and breeding high quality pasture-raised Beef, located on the outskirts of Norwich near Blofield.  We are carers and cultivators of the land, creating a place where the wellbeing of animals takes all priority, and sharing our journey with others along the way. 

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Part time farmers Guy and Ali, set on creating a sustainable beef herd and home-place. 

In the summer of 2006 Guy moved to his family farm with endless determination and dabbled with his interest in having livestock  and bought six cows....


Our Beef

Our Beef is delicious... of course we would say that, we grow it!  However, it is pure bred Hereford beef and is currently being sold in Blofield Farm shop, if you do wish to try it.


We only have a small herd which does allow us to focus our priority on producing good quality grass fed beef, whilst our cattle live a healthy, well cared for life. 

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Braydeston Beef, Blofield, Norfolk 

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